Latest Destiny videos echo Halo’s legacy of fun

Destiny new screen

Another Destiny embargo has just been dropped by Bungie which means new footage, screens and information from the Halo makers upcoming online multiplayer shooter. Bungie reveals information about its multiplayer hub named the “Tower”, social space, the smartphone companion app and a whole lot more.

An all-new Destiny interview

Bungie calls the Tower a “non-combat space” where “friends can go to show off their new armour and peacock.” Apparently players will be able to interact with the various factions, roam the city and grab missions from Communication Spikes.

The company also outlines its Companion app, smartphone software which tells users when friends are online, what their trophies are and how their stats are doing. Bungies’ core principal though is to “just have fun.” And it looks it, based on the enthusiastic interview and genuinely thrilling gameplay video of an upcoming Destiny Strike Mission. Bungie also dropped a neat gear tip, that weapons are shared by all classes, but armour is not. Look out for Gold and Purple loot drops (the rarest of the lot).

Hot gameplay from ‘The Devils’ Lair’

Destiny‘s creators also say how the enemies will be “worthy of you” in that mob encounters will push you back, change tactics on the fly and use “dynamic AI”, a promise many games have owned up to but mostly never deliver on, save for the Halo series which has arguably the smartest AI enemies of any game. Alongside this is a first look at the AI companion sphere named Ghost, voiced by Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage. For all Halo fans, this is Destiny’s 343 Guilty Spark. Ghost is “constantly with you” so get used to Tyrion’s gravely voice throughout. 

We’ll know more at E3, where Bungie promises to reveal a whole lot more of Destiny. As this is Bungie’s first PlayStation title (it’s coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One), the gaming world waits in anticipation to see if Halo’s creators can indeed, deliver the goods.

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