PS4 more powerful than Xbox One, but does it matter?

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The console war, a mythical battle between the top tier current-gen machines, namely the Xbox One and PS4, is a one-sided skirmish Sony’s already won, according to Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray, reports Worlds Factory.

Gilray mentions how it’s a physical impossibility for the Xbox One to beat the PS4’s performance. Oddworld series creator Lorne Lanning, who was reportedly quoted out of context during an interview over on Xbox Achievements, is Gilray’s reference:

Actually that is NOT what he said. I spoke to Lorne afterwards and what he meant when speaking to that guy was that budgets, schedules and perceivable differences would narrow, NOT that the Xbox One performance is improving to align with PS4, that is just physically impossible. The PS4 has MORE COMPUTE units, and faster memory and a whole bunch of things, that would make that physically impossible to happen.

The full interview is here.

In the Xbox Achievements interview, Lanning spoke of the gaps between the PS4 and Xbox One narrowing, but he was in fact referring to overall costs related to game development on both systems.

The Xbox One has no 1080p titles running at 60FPS yet, with the first two games said to utilise this mythic benchmark being Wolfenstein: The New Order and Murdered: Soul Suspect. The system with the most 1080p/60FPS titles? It could be the Wii U.

It doesn’t really matter if the PS4 is physically more powerful than the Xbox One, as it all comes down to the quality of the games. Lanning will reportedly explain himself in full during another interview, which is coming “soon”.

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