Samsung Gear 2 Review [Video]

Welcome to the fifth episode of Gearburn’s new weekly YouTube show, GearTV. In today’s video, editor Steven Norris reviews the Gear 2 smartwatch from Samsung.

The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is a weird gadget. Did we ever believe that we’d wear a tiny tablet on our wrists? Samsung’s delivered a device tech freaks have dreamed of for years, ever since Dick Tracy took to the streets with his talking wrist watch almost a century ago.

Sadly, that dream turns into a nightmare when we’re forced to use the darn thing. With an interface seemingly designed by a five-year old and and a notification system that is in all respects broken, what has the Gear 2 got going for it? Sex appeal, that’s what. The Gear 2 is the best looking smartwatch yet, a US$299 piece of metal and glass that is bound to impress. With the Gear 2 strapped to the wrist, the world seems like a happier, richer place. Just don’t expect a revolution. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for that.

GearTV is a weekly show that features gadget and game reviews, tips, how-to’s and anything useful that we think can help you improve your connected life.

It’s a show we’ve designed for you, our readers, so if there are any specific requests you have — such as how do I set up my Android device properly, or how do I beat that pesky boss in a certain game you’re playing — send them through and we’ll make a video showing you just what you need to know.

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