6 iPad Air 2 mockup photos that could be real

ipad air 2 lead

Are these photos real, does it even matter at this point? As the weeks tick by, we inch ever closer to a new Apple product, be it an iWatch, iPhone or another iPad.

Today, care of the usually reliable french tech site Nowhereelse, we have these surprise shots of an iPad Air 2, a mockup according to the source.

There’s a lot of truth in these images, despite the shaky source material. Behold, TouchID now replaces the Home button and a different speaker grille flanks the Lightening port on the iPad Air 2.

The site even managed snap a picture of the weight of the iPad Air 2 and, at 484.3g, it’s a little heavier than the 478g Wi-Fi and SIM-card enabled iPad Air 1. There are six more images of the iPad Air 2 to browse through, a bit of common sense and intuition will decide if these are real or not.

iPad Air 2 mockup photos
left right

Ipad Air 2 - Light Sensor

Next to the front-facing camera is what seems to be an ambient light sensor.

Ipad Air 2 Lead

Ipad Air 2 - Touchid

This is TouchID, as seen on the iPhone 5s and is what every portable iDevice will soon get.

Ipad Air 3

If this is the Power button, it's been moved to the side. The small black dot under the camera could a movement or light sensor.

Ipad Air 2 - Volume Buttons

The volume keys are sunken now.

Ipad Air 2 - Weight

At 484.3g, it's just a little bit heavier than the original, but that will most likely change.

Ipad Air 2 - Speakers

The Air 2's speakers appear to be a lot slimmer than the originals.

Images via Nowhereelse.fr

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