Upgraded Google Glass ships 2GB RAM, longer battery life

Google Glass Jun

Google Glass is today getting a much-needed hardware upgrade, thanks to the Explorer Program’s findings. Ironically though, Google will not be letting those Explorers trade up anytime soon.

The original edition of the Glass packed a lowly 682MB RAM for the developers exclusive use and a battery that died after just 6 hours without the camera. New adopters can bask in the joy of 2GB RAM, “improved battery life by over 20%” and over a dozen software improvements, according to Google. Voice search is now 10% faster and the official Google+ page is sure to remind users of the “frames, shades and prescription support” now on offer too.

Okay Glass Dog

To take advantage of the better hardware, the Glass’s camera app now offers a viewfinder. Uttering “Okay Glass, show the viewfinder” does just that, with four L-shapes marking the capture area. When the user says “Okay Google, take a picture” while blinking, or presses the camera button, the device will take a photo. Other goodies include updated Google Now cards with package delivery notifications and a car locator.

It seems the internet giant will indulge in incremental updates rather than conducting a complete overhaul of the device. In addition to its Nest smart home program and rumoured new version of Android, Google has been rather busy this week. Although a hardware upgrade may appease current users of the device or fans of Google, the Glass itself still needs a much larger PR makeover.

The new device will begin shipping immediately, while Google’s I/O conference begins in San Francisco in a few hours time, ending a day later.

Image: lawrencegs via Flickr

Andy Walker, former editor


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