11 TV, film and gaming mashup videos too batshit crazy to ignore


Gaming’s a weird passion. Most people see at a gamer and think “look at this nerd and their obsession with that Pac-Man game.” But those who spend their lives vegetating on the couch watching cable television, are insulated from the same sort of stereotypical insults gamers are traditionally labelled with. Why is it more acceptable to be a film or series-addict than it is to be a gamer? Can’t we all just get along? Some, like those who made these TV, game and film mashups below, have the right idea. Games, TV and film were simply made to exist together. Gooey heaps of credit goes to all the wonderful Youtube artists who created these pixel-perfect videos.

Frozen in GTA IV (boblester122)

Game of Thrones: Super Mario World (NickSplosianFX)

The Simpsons meets Minecraft (CraftedMovie)

Cops: Skyrim (Nerdist)

Mario in Seinfeld (EsquirebobAnimations)

Poké-King-of-the-Mon-Hill (El Cid)

SUPER SMASH WARS: A Link To The Hope – A Star Wars (James Farr)

Bonus round: games being mashed-up into other games are, dare I say it, even nuttier than the videos above.

Contra vs. Duck Hunt (Dane Boe)

The Binding of LINK (The Pixel Kingdom)

Portal meets Super Street Fighter II (The Pixel Kingdom)

Punch Out vs. Mortal Kombat (Dane Boe)

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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