3D-printed leg brace gives Quack-Quack the duck second lease at life

quack quack 3d print

Not all technology promises to lead the world into a robot apocalype. While 3D printing will inevitably lead to the creation of destructive technologies (like warheads), it also has its golden advantages. Quack-Quack the duck is one such creature that’s benefited from the wonders of 3D printing, according to 3D Print.

After surviving a dog attack, the duck’s left leg required intensive surgery. After the procedure, it was found that Quack-Quack would need a bespoke leg-support to help heal the bone structure and allow him some degree of mobility.

The National Taiwan University Animal Hospital, a design firm dubbed Lung X Lung and Taipei Hackerspace worked together to scan and 3D print the brace for the stricken bird.

3D Systems’ Cubify Sense 3D scanner — which analyses a mould and 3D prints a model accordingly — was used to construct a flexible footpad and leg brace for the duck made of NinjaFlex material. After trial and error, the team eventually perfected the brace.

3D printing has been used successfully in human medicine before, but it’s heartwarming to see its benefit for all walks of life. Have a look at Quack-Quack’s incredible story below.



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