Apple gets a taste of third-party keyboards with SwiftKey for iOS

iOS 8 Swiftkey

Now that Apple has finally opened its iOS platform to third-party keyboard developers, the eager bunch at SwiftKey are grinning from ear to ear. Although it’s not completely understood how many iOS users — stuck in their Apple keyboard ways — will actually use the app, SwiftKey has unveiled it’s plans for its iOS 8 keyboard that includes cloud prediction services and full swipe-to-type support.

SwiftKey has been one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store for a good while. It’s not the only third-party keyboard out there though. 5-TILES keyboard and Swype are just two vying for the crown of best third-party tapper.

SwiftKey’s iOS 8 app will sport its famed Cloud learning service, which plugs into email, social media and messaging accounts to learn users’ typing preferences and bad spelling habits. Additionally, users who find touchscreen keyboards a hassle will be pleased to know that SwiftKey’s swiping feature is also being considered.

One should expect the app to constitute a multitude of languages upon launch too, including Spanish, French, Italian and of course, English.

Although the iPhone 6 and Plus variant aren’t quite yet available, and neither is iOS 8, the app will be ready according to SwiftKey at least, by 17 September. But once out and about, users can begin using the app on all iOS 8 devices, including the lesser-spotted iPad.



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