Lead us not into temptation: diamond-encrusted iPhone 6 costs $2.7-million


When the iPhone 6 launched about ten days ago, people’s reactions were timid. It’s a pretty phone, but it’s rife with software issues. Although we like the HTC-cum-Samsung look of the handset, we feel that it deserves just a little more sparkle. And that’s exactly what jewelry designer Alexander Amoso has given it.

Initially, the US$2399 24-carat Gold iPhone 6  stole the limelight — a phone so glitzy and glamorous it could release a pop album by itself and sell a few million. But now, even it has been eclipsed in both price and sex appeal.

Image: bt.com

Enter the US$2.78-million, 51.29 carat diamond encrusted iPhone 6, that will make users forget all about those pesky iOS 8 bugs and those first world problems. Covered in over 6000 sparklers, its the most lavish, obnoxious phone that money (and your soul) can buy.

The iPhone isn’t foreign to body art though. The previous iteration sold for US$145 530, which is scant compared to its successor, but could still dent even the thickest of wallets.

Image: India.com

Andy Walker, former editor


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