Samsung has a new bad-ass stove that projects virtual LED flames

With the Korean giant’s latest gizmo, Samsung is taking on electric and traditional gas stoves a plenty in what could be quite a revolutionary development in cooking technology.

Similar to a gas stove’s aesthetic, the premium Chef Collection Range Slide-in Range introduces LED lights that shine onto pots and pans to “provide the visual of gas cooking with the precision of induction.” The strips of blue LEDs embedded in the glass surface will glow stronger the more you turn up the heat.

The stove will also heat-up only once you place your pots and pans onto its surface.

“Induction cooking focuses the most heat directly to the pot so that you can boil and cook faster, plus simmer with more control,” reads the product page.

The video shows someone tempering chocolate like a boss, while also boiling water much faster than your old regular gas outfit would.

We’re still waiting for the smart touchscreen though, Samsung (or Kickstarterers). Imagine placing a rice-filled-pot on the stove and then just hitting the rice option. Or a tiny search bar for recipes and stuff. Anyway, I digress.

Note that you’ll probably only get to glimpse this premium product on Masterchef every once and a while. But at US$3700 a pop, you’ll get virtual freakin’ flames! How cool is that, right?

Image via Gizmodo.



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