The Xbook Duo is the first, and only backwards compatible Xbox One

We’ve seen some Frankenstein monster consoles in the wild before, with tinkerers shoving every conceivable system into one tiny box, but what if one doesn’t want Sony or Nintendo crashing the party? Well, here’s the latest DIY attempt at solving the Xbox One’s backward compatibility hate once and for all, and it’s epic.

The Xbook Duo melds the power of the Xbox One with the post-gen fun of the Xbox 360 into a portable, relatively compact (compared to the Xbox One’s case, at least) form factor. Its father, Eddie Zarick, merely constructed it as proof of concept and the system will not be sold to consumers (booo!) but it’s a pure work of art.

The two systems share one screen, one power supply and one body and are switchable thanks to two telltale touch buttons. Games are loaded independently, with the Xbox One’s tray mechanism on the right, and the 360’s slot-loader on the left. The 1080p screen is fully foldable too, allowing adventurous gamers to pack their sacks and game across the world and for those plugging into larger TVs, there’s HDMI out too.

Those pedantic cable management experts won’t enjoy the sparrow’s nest within the case itself, but those building machines in microATX cases will appreciate the “shove and let live” engineering philosophy.

Gaze upon the wonder of the Xbook Duo below and start praying that Microsoft itself does something like this in the future.

Featured image: Ed Zarick

Andy Walker, former editor


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