Gearburn’s 2014 Christmas gift guide to trendy gizmos and gadgets

It’s that time of year again. Unfortunately (or fortunately for those receiving gifts) the Holiday Season comes with its own set of headaches and charms.

One of the latter is definitely not gift shopping.

So, to help you out on your quest, we here at Gearburn have compiled a Christmas gift guide for you, yours and others.

These products may not be for everyone, and some might not be available in your country but it’s a great guide to take heed of what possible gifts are out there.

We break the list down into a few categories as well, including gifts for the business elite, the technophobic baby boomers, parents and kiddies, music lovers and finally those who privilege form over function — the designers.

So have at it. If you have any other great gift ideas, or if you are perhaps planning to purchase one of these great gizmos, please let us know in the comments.

For your favourite business executive

1. Platronics Voyager Edge headset

voyager headset

For the busy exec who likes to get up and go, the Voyager Edge is a must-have. With a unique charging case that enables 16 hours of talk-time, and incredible futuristic yet sophisticated look, this is one headset that not only looks good but last as long as you do.

Price: US$110

2. Loooqs Powerbank portable charger

Loooqs Powerbank

This portable and compact charger works with any device that requires a microUSB connection for charging. It’s small and easy to store (it fits in your fist) and has a 2200mAh lithium battery which will charge most smartphones quickly. It also comes in a range of colours.

Price: US$25

3. Expert Shield Shortee stylus

Shortee stylus

Note-taking is a large growth area for many apps and smartphones in general. The Shortee stylus is a simple and effective device that is lightweight and responsive. It’s great for experienced users or novices alike and best of all, it’s cheap.

Price: US$10

4. Bulletproof Coffee coffee brewing kit

No, it’s not quite what you were thinking.

The coffee you drink is mouldy, that’s according to Dave Asprey the brains behind Bulletproof coffee. Set to jolt you into work, the mix of high-quality, mould-free(?) coffee, grass-fed butter and MCT oil acts as both a fat-burning, brain-prier to make you bulletproof. We’re not sure, but it sounds cool.

Price: US$38

For the discerning design connoisseur

1. elevenplus Felt Case

elevenplus felt case

For the design-conscious among us, it’s hard finding a case that works aesthetically and functionally. Elevenplus has created a range of high-grade felt accessories to combat this very issue. Apple and Android fanatics will bliss out with the tactile covers (available in multiple colours and sizes) and additional product ranges to suit your every packaging need.

Price: US$56

2. Grain Audio Wooden headphones

grain audio wooden headphones

Made using walnut wood and with an inline remote and mic, these puppies will catch people’s eye but yet leave your budget unscathed. Perfect for audiophiles and design-nerds alike.

Price: US$99

3. Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch


Looking more like a watch than other smartwatches announced, the Moto 360 is one of the more focused options currently available on the market. With a range of dedicated apps (think health and alerts) the multiple strap options means this will see you right from day to night too.

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Price: US$299

For the audiophile extraordinaire

1. Blue Microphones Mikey

Blue Microphone Mikey

As podcasts continue to see a resurgence in popularity thanks to hits like “Serial” and “Welcome To Night Vale”, making and distributing them has also become easier. Mikey helps with the former, making it easy to record anything be it your first podcast, a conference, an interview or a meeting.

Thanks to it’s Lightning adapter, Mikey can fit into virtually any Apple device, turning it into a mobile broadcast and recording station.

Price: US$89

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2. Beats by Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless headphones


Fast becoming the de facto brand for audio design excellence, the wireless Powerbeats2 by Beats lives up to its name, with powerful bass and impressive lightweight design. Perfect for jogging or simple tangle-free listening, these will keep up with whatever you throw at them.

Price: US$269

3. Sonos Play:1

sonos play1

If you want stunning, multi-room sound this Christmas, a couple of Play:1 units from Sonos will fill the largest of rooms with Frank Sinatra, Boney M and company. Economical considering the power these beauties have inside them, the seamless app will have you cranking (or curbing) the volume. Available in black or white.

Price: US$199

4. WD My Passport Wireless 1TB portable drive

mypassport wireless

Audiophiles love their tunes, but they need a safe place to store them. WD provides all the storage with none of the cords and cables that usually comes with it.

Users can connect their smartphones, cameras, tablets and more to the drive, making streaming music simple and easy. Of course, this drive can save other files as well.

Price: US$179

For the kiddies and the parents

1. IControl Piper home monitoring camera

iControl Piper

Digital home monitoring systems are moving from weird to functional. Piper is a an easy to install option that comes in a sleek white casing. It’s a lot nicer than the average PC security camera. Use the video to watch home security, caregivers, pets, or even elderly relatives.

IControl also sells a range of accessories to get more home data on your Piper app, like “Did I turn off the living room lamp?”

Price: US$250

2. Happy Hour Variety Pack SodaStream Caps, Soda Stream

Sodastream SodaCaps

For generations kids have been writing to Santa asking for a SodaStream drinks makers for Christmas. If you’re buying a SodaStream this year chuck in a box of SodaStream Happy Hour Cocktail Caps for the adults. These little pods infuse your freshly fizzed tap water with cocktail flavours. Note, the caps are non-alcoholic. So you won’t be singing Margaritaville by midnight unless you add your own cheeky snifter.

Price: US$7.99 and up

3. Life N Soul KiiTAG Bluetooth tag

bluetooth tag thing

New parents often tell stories of sleep deprivation. And with their sleep goes their memory. Simple things like where they parked the car, where they put the diaper bag, or even worse “Where’d we leave the stroller?” are somehow forgotten.

KiiTag is a Bluetooth fob you attach to items you often, ahem, misplace. Download the app and if the item grows legs head to the app to find out where it is — if it’s in your immediate surroundings — or where it was last seen.

Price: US$20

4. Quinny Longboardstroller

quinny longboard stroller

Wouldn’t it be cool if, instead of taking the baby out in a bulky stroller, you could just jump on your longboard? Skate about town like you used to? Quinny thought so too. They’ve created this hybrid longboardstroller.

Yes, we know there’s nowhere to store the groceries, or the diaper bag, but this little beauty was just made for Instagramming parenthood.

Price: US$750

5. KontrolFreek Thumbsticks for console controllers

Alpha PS4

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One came out this year and will be on many gamers’ wishlists no matter what the age. These joystick enchancers provide greater precision, accuracy, comfort and grip especially for small fingers. There are different sizes, and shapes, to suit your preference — there’s even football-themed ones for football fans.

Price: US$11

6. Gama-Go Rise and Shine sippy cup

sippy cup

Right, this isn’t quite a gadget, but it’s too adorable to leave out.

This design inspired by “a well known coffee chain” is perfect for the busy baby on the go. Made from plastic, and suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher, it’s also good quality and practical. Not sure if you need us to remind you: babies shouldn’t be served scalding hot beverages. Or coffee. Ever.

Price: US$8

For the tech-fearing baby boomer

1. 23andMe DNA Kit


If there’s a Boomer in your life who loves watching Who Do You Think You Are? and has a subscription to then they will lose their mind over this DNA kit. All they need is to set a sample of saliva in the container, send it off, and get emailed the results. It sounds gross, but the results are worth it.

They’ll find out what percentage of their DNA is from populations around the world. And perhaps, if they fancy, even contact other DNA relatives from the 23andMe database who have opted in to meet relatives.

Price: US$99

2. Roberts Radio Stream 93i

roberts streamer

Roberts Radio have been around since 1932 and is the radio brand of choice for the Queen of England. The Stream 93i is the best of old and new. The DAB/FM radio also comes with internet radio and Spotify Connect.

That means you can stream your Spotify Christmas playlist through its beautiful speakers. And beautiful they are. Sound quality is fantastic with a built in bass woofer housed in an acoustically tuned wooden cabinet. The whole thing comes wrapped in a beautiful exterior Roberts call “High Gloss Piano Black”.

Price: £235

3. Picture Keeper Photo backup drive

picture keeper

Picture Keeper makes backing up photos simple. Just plug it in and let Picture Keeper do all the work for you.

The software finds all your photos on its own and skips the duplicates. It takes just a few minutes to back up your entire library. And if you fill up one Picture Keeper a second will pick up where the first one left off. Picture Keeper is perfect for anyone unsure how to backup their previous digital photos.

Price: US$30

4. XD Design Bopp Hot Flask

xd design flask

Some people might think carrying around your own flask of hot coffee “quaint” or “penny pinching”, but Bopp Hot Flask makes flasks, well, cool with this updated design. This little number is perfect for long car journeys, or hiking, camping, and outdoor concerts.

With a 600ml capacity and double wall insulation, the flask has a matte body that comes in a range of colours. And the cup handles have an eye catching contrasting finish. Like other XD Designs, this product is well on its way to becoming a design classic.

Price: US$38

5. amplicomms PowerTel M9000


As we get older keeping connected is important. Sometimes it’s even a matter of life and death. But the fact is some smartphones are complicated for older folk.

The M9000 does all the basic smartphone stuff, but it also comes but senior friendly features like an extra loud receiver volume including hearing aid compatibility. We like the simple to use SOS emergency call button too. Hit the button and it automatically calls out if help is needed.

Price: US$218

Paul Armstrong


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