Sold-out PlayStation 4 Anniversary Edition selling for up to $20k on eBay

You know that super-rare, nostalgia-inducing PlayStation 4 Anniversary Edition console that Sony just released, right? Well, it just got even more exclusive. That’s right, all 12 300 of them are sold out and those Sony fans who didn’t get one are throwing an internet fit.

Annoyingly, and much to Sony’s discredit, the company decided to distribute many of the consoles at this past weekend’s PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas. But what happened to the others?

It seems that without any warning, the console went live online catching weary-eyed gamers and collectors unaware. All consoles available sold out in under two hours. As a result, there’s as much hate for Sony this week as there was love last.

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The console was retailing for just US$499, but even so, Donald Trump-minded opportunists are selling the console on eBay for anything up to US$20 000, or over R200 000 for South Africans taking the current exchange rate into account.

It seems that many buyers are in fact selling their consoles on the platform, with over 300 of the dirty-dishwater coloured consoles currently circulating.

We were wondering how this week could’ve possibly gotten any worse for Sony, with PlayStation Network suffering from an elongated outage earlier this week courtesy of internet mischief makers Lizard Squad, with the group suggesting that these outages will continue throughout the festive season.



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