3D Sound Labs launches ‘world’s first’ smart 3D headphones

The onslaught of new technology and device launches at CES continues, and although smart TVs, wearables and silicon are ruling this year’s show, the audiophiles aren’t being left out in the cold.

French audio company 3D Sound Labs has launched Neoh, which it bills as the “world’s first [pair of] smart 3D audio headphones.”

What a great day at #CES2015 ! #UnveiledLV #newtech #startups #3DSound #IoT http://t.co/QRA6ViVTwN pic.twitter.com/sDsFKSCrnv

— 3D Sound Labs (@3DSoundLabs) January 5, 2015

According to the company, it wishes to keep up with the advancements of visual 3D technology by introducing mobile 3D sound to consumers, and with good reason.

The company’s definitely staying true to its name.

After two years of research and development 3D Sound Labs finally outed its challenger, and according to the presser, the company has high hopes for Neoh, thanks mainly to its innovative head tracking technology.

Users can precisely pinpoint the sound source, just as if they were listening to the best home theater system. The headphones are also fitted with head tracking sensors; a feature previously exclusive to audio professionals. These special sensors interpret even the smallest movement to recreate the 3-dimensional sound we hear in real life. The Neoh player intuitive mobile app delivers a totally new kind of audio experience in partnership with the Neoh headphones.

3d sound labs neoh

Image: 3D Sound Labs via Instagram

The company notes that Neoh differs from traditional headphones thanks to a new algorithm that can reproduce “spatial perception mechanisms and therefore detect the tiniest movement of the head to reconstitute sound sources in space and in real time.” In layman’s terms, it provides a more genuine sound experience than traditional two-dimensional headphones.

The most interesting thing about the Neoh though is the 3D mobility they promise. Unlike a home theatre system which is fixed in place, the wearer can move around with this pair of headphones.

Neoh will be launched on Kickstarter later this month and will likely begin shipping in the northern spring.

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