Parrot Pot knows when to water your plants and does it for you

Among the many devices and technologies unveiled at this year’s CES, this is probably the most impressive and unnecessary.

Parrot Pot (yes, from the company that usual makes drones), is a pot plant container that automatically waters and cares for its occupant. The Bluetooth device tells the owner when the plant needs a drink and waters it for you. Pot has built in sensors that can read the level of nutrients, temperature and level of moisture in the soil and will notify you when the plant needs water, food or warmth.

The container can hold two litres of water and pours into an opening on the side of the pot. The water lasts around three weeks before refilling is needed, so its perfect for frequent travelers.

It can also be operated manually by simply tapping a button on the device.

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How does it know how often to water the plant? Typically, the user inputs the plant species contained on Parrot’s 7000-strong Flower Power database, and from there Pot does all the actual gardening for you.

This isn’t the first time that Parrot releases something for plant-killers. The company’s Flower Power pot plant monitor (feature image) was launched earlier this year, and monitors your green friend’s well-being.

Parrot Pot is not available for consumers yet and Parrot has made no pricing or information available as yet.

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