SteamLeft calculates how much life you’ll need to beat your Steam library

Since the advent of Steam in the early 2000s, gamers have racked up game after game like a squirrel with an acorn addiction. If you’re one of those gamers with too many titles to count or too many to comprehend, you probably wish you knew how long it would take to conquer your massive library.

Well, now you can.

SteamLeft is a nifty little service that plugs into How Long to Beat‘s playtime averages to calculate how much of your life you could (and really should) spend racking up killstreaks and looting lesser individuals.

Insanely enough, the most extensive Steam library tested thus far is 40 700 hours long. That’s four years, 235 days, 20 hours and 44 minutes, or a toddler, or an Arts degree.

For the most part, I don’t think having over 2000 hours of remaining playtime is healthy at all — it’s far too light.

While we’ve seen people suggest that they have over a year of playtime to go, we’d love you get your current scores.

Visit SteamLeft here to start planning your gaming life, and let us know in the comments just how many hours, days, years or centuries you’ll need to defeat your Steam library.

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