Beefier Raspberry Pi 2 packs more muscle for the same price [update]

Update: Not only will the updated Raspberry Pi 2 pack more power, according to its creators, it will be fast enough to run Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft’s drive towards planting Windows 10 on seemingly every device has gone down a treat thus far, and the Pi will be supported by an upcoming free version of the OS. This essentially means that users can have a full Windows 10 PC for just US$35.

For now, there is no word on what version of the OS will feature on the system, but this certainly looks promising for both Microsoft and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing little device. Not only has it crafted a genre all by its lonesome, it has remained relevant while the world around it changes rapidly. On a continuous quest to remain so, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an upgraded mark two version of the Pi, boasting double the memory and six times the performance boost of the previous board, according to The Register.

Better yet, it still retails for just US$35 — probably around R450 in South Africa.

While the board still looks the same, it boasts more power from the upgraded Broadwell SoC employed. RAM has also been upped from 512MB to 1GB, which means users no longer have to tip-toe around the Pi’s computing quota. There’s a whole lot more processing power for practically anyone looking to build with the Pi.

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While the previous upgrade — the Raspberry Pi A+ and B+ — featured a redesigned board, adding more USB ports and losing the RCA ports, this upgrade beefs up the computing experience. Think of it as an upgrade of the A+.

The latest board now increases the model line up to five, with the original pictured above.



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