Apple Store trolls, ‘Life Is Strange’ and Twitch defeats Pokemon: the TGIF Video Roundup

TGIF, and we really shouldn’t be at work, but that won’t stop us from gandering through the week’s best tech, gadget and gaming videos, now will it? If you missed last week’s roundup, catch it below.

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Finally, the long, dreary week has spat out its fair number of glorious videos for us Friday fellows to indulge.

Videos this week range from the influence of David Lynch in video games to the latest The Evil Within DLC trailer (which is ridiculously short, mind). Of course, in between all of this we feature YouTube’s finest, from gameplays to trailers to people just plain acting the fool, DMX style.

So, without any more unneeded introductions, here’s your TGIF Video Roundup smorgasbord.

1. David Lynch has influenced popular culture to an immense degree

Movies, music, literature, video games. All three are art forms and all three influence one another directly or otherwise. Hell, if you want a good example of this, just have a look at what Bram Stoker’s half-dead has become across the many forms of the arts, and the vampire’s current form in Twilight. Curses.

In film, David Lynch is probably one of the most influential directors and all-round arts mastermind alive today, not just affecting contemporary directors, but also gaming developers.

Let Strummerdood (one of YouTube’s finest minds) track down the Lynchpin found in some classic and contemporary games, including Link’s Awakening, Life Is Strange and the Silent Hill series.

2. Microsoft should definitely hire these fake Apple employees/trolls

The Microsoft vs. Apple, Redmond vs. Cupertino, Windows vs. Mac OS X debate will rage on as long as there is a power socket to plug in said devices, so choosing a winner is up to personal preference really.

These five chaps from NelkFlimz (masters of mischief and mayhem) become self-appointed Apple salesmen on the floor of an American Apple Store. What ensues is a hilarious mash-up of Apple hate, public job-quitting and Microsoft polishing.

3. Playing LOL without hands? That’s a cakewalk for this gamer

The first time I attempted League of Legends, I felt as though I definitely needed two more hands to compete with the regulars. This chap however plays the game, and kicks ass at the game, without any hands.

In a new documentary series pioneered by Razer, the company visits gamers with disabilities that use the company’s products. In this episode, Razer visits Massimiliano Sechi (MacsHG), a man who has reached Diamond Rank by playing with his foot.

4. Real-life Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor gameplay should become a thing

Shadow of Mordor is a bit of a bastard, especially if you see the game from the antagonists perspective. This is even more so in real life.

Mega64 decided that the game is too good not to reproduce it using real life chaps in layers of makeup and leather suits, so this video above happened. And we’re so glad that it did.

5. Want to own Link’s Hylian Shield for real? Now you most certainly can

Plastic swords and shields are cool, sure, but imagine trick or treating with this bad boy.

A gaggle of modern day smiths have crafted what can only be called the most insane and beautiful Hylian shield we’ve ever seen. The process documents the step by step making of the metal wonder, which is both incredibly informative and strangely engrossing.

Nevertheless, if you ever wanted to own Link’s piece of gaming legend, we’re sure that you could ask these guys to make another just for you.

6. Twitch Plays Pokemon finally defeats Pokemon Red, catches all 151 Pokemon

This is quite a landmark moment, and tells us that cooperation can form in the bowels of chaos.

Twitch Plays Pokemon, the channel that let anyone control the protagonist, has finally clocked Pokemon Red, racking up a full Pokedex and humiliating Professor Oak in the process.

If you want to watch the good ol’ Prof have his Blastoise defeated by a Surf attack, have a look at the video above.

7. The Evil Within gets its second DLC trailer in a few weeks: The Consequence

Does 20 seconds warrant a trailer all by itself? We’re not sure, but this is definitely probably the most interesting thing we’ve seen in this game. And guess what, it’s another jump scare.

8. Life is Strange Episode two trailer steps on heartstrings, dishes out goosebumps

For those that hate Life Is Strange, we at Gearburn, don’t quite understand why. It’s a brilliant exploration of the human condition (even if it is rather juvenile in its delivery) and an even better story driven game than we thought we’d ever see.

If there ever was a game that privileged story over aesthetics, this is it.

Episode Two’s trailer opens a slightly darker world than the first, with Chloe and Max dodging knives, trains and themselves in a rather confusing world.

Sound like life, right?



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