Samsung Galaxy S6 will likely feature similar price to iPhone 6

If you are to believe Samsung’s European websites then Samsung’s premium fusion of class and metal isn’t as expensive as we feared it to be. Granted, it’s not a mid-range device, but the price should fall nicely alongside its primary competition — the iPhone 6.

MyBroadband recently spotted Samsung Netherlands‘ price listings of the new flagship Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, and performed a quick Rand to Euro conversion, which would theoretically render pockets between R9000 and R13 000 more less fortunate.

When Apple brought the iPhone 6 to South African shores in late 2014, it was touted to retail for well above R14 000. Ultimately, the cheapest iPhone 6 (with 16GB of storage) can be had for around R10 000.

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Granted, no one who doesn’t explicitly need a R10 000 phone should spend R10 000 purchasing said phone, but Samsung is indeed aiming the S6 squarely at the Apple crowd, and that it made emphatically clear in its MWC 2015 launch event. It’s a jump from the S5 in terms of build, technology and appeal — it’s definitely one of the prettiest Samsungs ever made. It’s clear that the company is relying heavily on the S6 to change its public perception as a brand of all sorts to a brand of premium products.

Of course, whether crowds will flock to Samsung’s resellers at the expense of its rival remains to be seen. Additionally, remember currency conversions aren’t a true representation of the phone’s market price which is usually set by networks.

So will we likely see a R13 000 Samsung Galaxy S6 hitting our shores? Samsung South Africa hasn’t yet revealed any pricing information or any indication of the price, so we’ll have to sit tight until then. Expect an announcement soon though, because the phone is due to hit world markets in April.

Perhaps the real question remains: will the Samsung Galaxy S6 offer better value for money than the iPhone 6? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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