The Evil Within’s ‘The Assignment’ DLC now available

The Evil Within didn’t exactly receive a swathe of applause when it exited Bethesda‘s doors last year. It could probably be labeled as one of he disappointments of 2014, but its developer is hoping to make everything right in the world with “The Assignment” DLC pack.

The DLC is one half of the twin DLC pack arriving this year, with the second piece, dubbed “The Consequence”, coming a little later the northern spring.

Essentially, “The Assignment” allows players to experience game writer Shinji Mikami‘s world through the eyes of Judi Kidman — the protagonist Sebastian Castellanos’ partner. As promised are new monsters, new plot twists and new revelations giving the player a glance into Kidman’s misunderstood mind.

“The Consequence” will adopt the same character perspective, while the upcoming expansion pack dubbed “The Executioner“, lets you play as the villain. Huzzah!

Both DLCs and “The Executioner” are available as part of The Evil Within‘s Season Pass, or can be purchased for US$20 in a bundle. All three bolt-ons will be available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Have a look at the gameplay trailer below.



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