Houdt flaunts snazzy, exclusive custom covers for iPhone range [Gallery]

Houdt, a local device accessories and lifestyle brand, has announced a collaboration with South African artists and designers to launch an exclusive range of swanky iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 covers.

Houdt’s usually known for crafting unique device covers from wood (among other peripherals), and the limited edition range is no exception to this earthy rule.

The covers feature works from the following local artists:

“Each artist has produced 50 beautiful handcrafted handsets available in Rosewood,” notes the presser. The covers can be found on Houdt’s official site ranging in price from R499 for the iPhone 5 range, and R599 for the iPhone 6.

Have a look at a sample of the selection below.

Houdt Limited Edition iPhone covers
left right

Houdt Lim Edition Covers Iphone

Houdt Hanno 2

Artist: Hanno van Zyl

Houdt Kim

Artist: KimVV

Houdt Kim 2

Artist: KimVV

Houdt Kronk

Artist: Kronk

Houdt Kronk 2

Artist: Kronk

Houdt Lize-marie

Artist: Lize-Marie

Houdt Amicollective 3

Artist: AmIcollective

Houdt Clement

Artist: Clement de Bruin

Houdt Clement 2

Artist: Clement de Bruin

Houdt Hanno

Artist: Hanno van Zyl



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