Next Windows 10 build for phones to debut tomorrow

For anyone mildly interested not running and Android or iOS device, Microsoft is planning to launch the next preview build of Windows 10 for phones tomorrow, Friday 9 April.

In case anyone missed the announcement on Windows Weekly: We’re targeting Friday @ 10:00AM PST for next phone build.

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) April 8, 2015

That’s straight from the Windows Insider program head’s mouth, so expect a few more features compared to the previous February launch.

While Microsoft has broadened the scope of phones supporting Windows 10, it seems strange that flagship devices, including the Nokia Lumia 930, and Lumia Icon won’t make the cut. Nevertheless, Microsoft has promised a new flagship device later in the year, so perhaps the company is holding out for that launch.

Windows 10 proper, for larger devices that is, is expected a little later in the northern spring, so Microsoft does have ample time to polish the OS for smaller and larger devices alike.

To get hold of the Windows 10 preview for smartphones, you’ll need to be enrolled in the Windows 10 Insider Programme, and possess a phone supported by the OS itself.



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