5 awesome alternative gift ideas for Mothers Day

It’s that time of the year when we honor our mothers by showering them with gifts and showing them our appreciation for all the things they do for us all year long. It’s the least we could do.

We know that buying a card and a teddy bear in a teacup is probably the cutest thing you could do for her, but why don’t you surprise her with something a little different? Perhaps, something that suits the 21st century lifestyle we all know and love? I’m talking about something with buttons and cool electronic circuit boards.

Interested? Good.

Below is a list of ideas that may inspire you to pick out a Mothers Day gift to pique mom’s techy side.

1. Wireless speakers

Waterproof, wireless speaker systems can stream music safely in the shower, and are convenient travel companions. With it, mom can play her favorite songs, audiobooks or podcasts in her own space and own time.

jbl wireless speaker

They’re also fairly affordable, so a wireless speaker will best suit your pocket if your sitting on a specific budget.

Although we’ve showcased the JBL Flip above, there are other speakers from reputable brands available. It’s an awesome market, available in random colours to suit all tastes.

2. The Smart Herb Garden

Does your mom have green fingers? Then this is the perfect gadget for her.

smart herb garden kickstarter

Gardening is a wonderful past time, but many people don’t have time to monitor plants constantly. This Kickstarter project makes it easy to grow fresh herbs at home, so mom can use fresh basil, thyme and rosemary in her pastas, lamb dishes and quiches.

3. Ice-cream maker

You love ice-cream, don’t you? Well, why not surprise mom with one of her own to ensure that every Sunday comes with a sundae.

Kenwood IM200 ice cream maker

There are a number of awesome machines on the market, that will churn and churn while mom relaxes in the garden. The Cuisinart Ice-Cream-Maker is an interesting option for moms who love the dessert to bits. Other examples from Kenwood and Philips come in slightly cheaper and are more at home in a small kitchen.

4. A phone-charging purse

Spotted on Kickstarter a few weeks ago, the Everpurse (above) combines style and functionality into a clutch purse that can be easily ported around town.


This nice-looking purse does’nt only serve as a purse, but also as a charger for your smart phone. So when moms battery’s low she can place her phone in the purse, and problem solved. It works through the Qi wireless charging standard, which means there is no wires.

Other less extravagant purses with battery packs and chargers built in are also crafted for consumers, or you could always craft one yourself, by combining a powerbank and a purse into one sweet gift.

5. Coravin Wine Access System

Here’s a rather ingenious product.

If your mom’s into wine then this is probably the best gift you could buy. It’s used by top sommeliers across the world, and allows the owner to enjoy a glass of fine wine without uncorking the entire bottle, which is usually a massive problem when one only fancies a single glass of red.

It keeps the wine fresh using a rather brilliant clamp system to prevent the wine from oxidizing. What’s more, Coravin claims that it will let your wine age naturally, even if the bottle’s open.



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