‘Candy Crush Saga’ is coming to Windows 10 devices, automatically

Stories and news regarding Windows 10 has been nothing but positive so far, but Microsoft has finally hit its first obstacle with the internet and prospective Windows 10 adopters. News has surfaced that Redmond has signed a deal with software manufacturer King, which means Candy Crush Saga, one of the world’s most popular games, will be automatically installed to those who upgrade to Windows 10 during the launch period.

Microsoft’s also promising more “popular and awesome King game titles” in the future. So buckle up for the ride, kids. It seems that Microsoft has sold its soul to the mobile gaming demons.

Of course, for some users this will be a welcome move. Since 2012, countless hours of productivity has been flushed down the colourful Candy Crush toilet, and undoubtedly, Microsoft is getting a slice of the lucrative mobile gaming pie too. And to be fair, the game isn’t half bad, accruing a relatively positive score on Metacritic.

windows 10 king candy crush saga

Perhaps those clamouring for the company to reintroduce Solitaire to the Windows 10 preinstalled games section has backfired slightly, with the company now realising that mobile gaming should be an integral part of Windows 10, considering that it will become a near device-agnostic OS.

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Still, for more serious users who are overzealous when security and privacy matters are at stake, might not welcome the move. It also highlights the issue of bloatware on devices. We’ve seen Lenovo put its foot in it recently with the Superfish snafu, preinstalled adware that allowed companies to track the users’ web movements and dish out personalised advertisements.

That’s not to say Candy Crush Saga is in anyway dangerous, but does raise the question: what else can companies ship along with seemingly fresh and clean software?

Nevertheless, what do you think of the move? Let us know in the article’s comments section, or vote in the Google+ poll below.

Andy Walker


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