Oculus issues press invitations for 11 June event

Virtual reality technology has suddenly leaped into the public eye again this month, with announcements that the Oculus Rift is scheduled to arrive in stores in Q1 2016. On the back of this though, the Facebook-owned VR company has sent out press invitations to an event taking place on 11 June (and yes, the invitation is really, really dark).

What is it all about?

It seems that the company might be ready to reveal its consumer version of the Rift a lot sooner than first thought. The invitation, which is not as coy as those from Huawei and Apple, notes that invitees should embrace puns and “Step into the Rift.”

There’s no location or set agenda though (we know its going to take place in San Francisco, but have no idea where), so more information will probably be made available in the coming days. Additionally, it seems a tad strange for Oculus to host an event just a few days before the madness of E3 2015 begins in Los Angeles.

Perhaps Oculus is trying to feed the VR hype before its E3 announcement? If that is the case, it’s doing one fine job.

Do you have any theories about what Oculus will reveal? We’d love to hear your comments in the comments section below.



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