Razer Mamba is the ‘world’s most precise’ gaming mouse [Gallery]

E3 isn’t all about games, you know. There are hardware launches as well that span the length and breadth of the LA Convention Centre. One of the companies showing off its wares was Razer, and it believes that it spawned the world’s most advanced gaming mouse, ever.

It’s called the Razer Mamba and judging by its specs, it’s definitely one of the most insane peripherals we’ve seen in quite some time.

There’s a 5G 16 000 DPI sensor at the heart of the device, which is “optimized for multi-display set-ups with ultra-high display resolutions,” notes the presser. It’s the only scenario where you’ll need that level of sensitivity and is especially overkill for 1080p monitors.

But while it’s sensitive, it’s also precise.

The company notes that it can track movement at 1 DPI increments as opposed to the 50 DPI normally found on standard, derpy gaming mice. There’s also an on screen jitter reduction system — an annoyance that usually occurs when a gamer suddenly halts the mouse’s movement across a pad. This is nullified within 0.1mm notes Razer, which means more killshots can be had more often.

The Razer Mamba in its RGB glory
left right

Razer Mamba Lead

Razer Mamba 1

Razer Mamba 2

Razer Mamba 3

Razer Mamba 4

Razer Mamba 5

Some other features improve the mouse’s overall feel; most notably the “adjustable click force” technology which allows gamers to tinker with the pressure needed to hit the left and right click buttons. It’s something we’d love to see on more mice going forward. There’s 14 settings available for this, which can span practically all game genres.

The company’s also launching an eSports wired edition — the “Razer Mamba Tournament Edition” — which makes it easier for Call of Duty players to kick ass.

Our enhancements to the Razer Mamba with the most precise laser sensor and the revolutionary Adjustable Click Force Technology, together with the industry leading gaming grade wired/wireless technology, leave us ahead of the curve when it comes to gaming mice,” notes Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Laing Tan.

The wired Tournament Edition will retail for US$89, US$70 less than the wireless Mamba proper. The mouse will be available in Q3 2015, but there’s no word on South African availability or price just yet.



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