PlayStation 4 continues sales slaughter, thanks to ‘Arkham Knight’

According to data released by the NPD Group, the Sony PlayStation 4 outperformed the Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U in US sales figures for June.

While it takes a special month for Nintendo and Microsoft get close to Sony’s console in the sales war, the Japanese company has credited Batman: Arkham Knight for the sudden sales boost.

The game, developed by Rocksteady Studios and WB Games, has arguably been the biggest mid-year release as the final chapter of the Dark Knight’s romp through Gotham with his grappling hook, kickass cape and the overly-modified Need For Speed ride, the Batmobile.

Sony also struck a deal with Warner Bros. to bundle the game with the console in the States, which lead to even larger numbers for the company.

“PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console in the United States in June due to the overwhelming popularity of the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 bundles,” an unnamed Sony representative told VentureBeat. Annoyingly, Sony failed to released any hard numbers.

Batman Arkham Knight

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Of course, while Arkham Knight isn’t reserved for the PlayStation 4, it does suggest that Sony’s console is heading Microsoft‘s in terms of non-exclusive titles. Sony has mentioned that it lead software sales for this month too.

In previous months, we’ve seen the Xbox One and Wii U gain some ground on their major rival. The green team experienced its first win in a while in May, while the Wii U had quite a positive festive season. Recently, Nintendo also announced that it has surpassed one million sales for its new IP Splatoon.

But can the PlayStation 4 be caught? Let us know in the comments below.



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