5 useful but fashionable fitness gadgets for the sporty generation

Purchasing gifts in this day and age is a scary task. There’s no such thing as resorting to socks if all else fails, and roses are great but don’t last particularly long. In the technological era, people want gifts with screens and buttons.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

If you’re wondering what to buy a particularly sporty person in your life, there has never been a better time to choose a sporty gadget. With the troves of options available — from wearables to smartphones that do more than most — the choices are endless.

While narrowing these down is a fairly daunting task, we reveal five particular fitness gadgets for five particular types of sporty people.

And remember, if you can’t quite find a fitness gadget that fits your intended, socks are pretty smart nowadays too.

1. Garmin Forerunner 620

For: The dedicated marathon runner.
Price: R5999

garmin forerunner 620

Running watches are great gifts especially if that special person is into running long miles. This Garmin’s Forerunner helps the wearer keep up with training schedules, and it tracks performance in real time thanks to an accompanying smartphone app. It also gives advice on how where improvements can be made.

2. Griffin Adidas MiCoach

For: The casual after-work football player.
Price: R357

griffin adidas arm band

The Griffin Adidas MiCoach is an armband made of nylon, and allows the user to attached an iPhone 5 to their arm. If the wearer doesn’t quite enjoy wearing smartwatches or fitness trackers, this is the device for them. It also means that the wearer’s phone is also nearby, so calls can be answered and music can be streamed. There’s no chance of any phones dropping to the ground with this nifty gadget.

3. Monster iSport Victory

For: The active audiophile.
Price: R410

monster isport headphones

Love music while jogging about or out rowing? The Monster iSport Victory is definitely a good choice. They might be expensive, but these are one of the best active earphones in terms of sound quality that money can buy. They’re made for athletes and are completely washable thanks to their anti-corrosive gold contacts.

4. Garmin Edge 520

For: The tech-loving cyclist.
Price: US$299 (the Edge 510 is R4799)

garmin edge 520
This touch screen computer has GPS navigation with built in maps and monitors a number of intricate biometrics any cyclist should ever want. Its designed to withstand bad weather as well as bumps and knocks. The Edge 520 tracks data from each and every ride, including distance, speed and elevation with its 15-hour battery life. It’s also compatible with many heart rate monitors, power meters and cadence sensors for those who want even more details about their performance.

Although the Edge 520 is the latest in Garmin’s cycling arsenal, the 510 has been a previous firm favourite although it is slightly more expensive.

5. Fitbit Charge HR

For: The casual fitness enthusiast.
Price: R2499

fitbit charge hr

Available in a rainbow of colours, Fitbit’s Charge range is one of wearable technology’s success stories. While the band tracks steps taken, distance covered and calories burnt, it also shows its wearer just how much sleep he or she is getting a night. While it does that, it also monitors the resting heart rate which is a good indicator of general fitness.



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