Double check that PlayStation 4 hardware version before purchase

If a new TechRadar report is to believed and accurately interpreted, the newer 1TB PlayStation 4 isn’t exactly a hardware revision at all, and rather just an older CUH-1100 series console with a bigger storage bank.

Rather interestingly, the CUH-1200 hardware revision console is only available in 500GB trim, so essentially if you’re looking for some more storage space for games, you’ll need to purchase one of these consoles and shove a bigger drive in it yourself.

We first heard word of Sony introducing a revised console that was less power hungry and more efficient in June this year, but it seems that South Africa has a fair number of unsold CUH-1000 models lying around.

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Takealot, one of South Africa’s premier online stores, featured the PlayStation 4 500GB model as part of their Daily Deals sale, but it was the CUH-1000 model — essentially the first version of the console to launch nearly two years ago now.

Dualshockers has a brilliant piece demonstrating the differences between the CUH-1000 and the CUH-1100. Of course, while there’s not much difference between these two hardware versions, there is a fair discrepancy between the CUH-1100 model and CUH-1200 version.

Power consumption, heat output and weight have all dropped accordingly, and generally, a lower heat output means a longer life span for the electronic product.

We’re not completely sure when Sony will be shipping the 1TB console in the CUH-1200 guise, but before purchasing a console, double check the hardware version with your retailer.

Andy Walker, former editor


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