Local game ‘Jungle Beat’ claims top spot on South Africa iTunes Store

Locally developed video game Jungle Beat reached the number one spot on iTunes South Africa’s top paid game apps. What makes the achievement unique is not just the game’s local roots, but it is also based off of a pre-existing licence.

Jungle Beat is a platforming game aimed at all ages. Each stage has the player collecting bananas and letters to complete the word “BEAT”. While doing so, they will play as various animals, which all have their own unique play style and ability.

Managing Director of Sunrise Productions, Tim Keller, elaborates on the mechanics:

The Jungle Beat game is a puzzle platformer combining problem-solving and loads of fun! Over a series of increasingly challenging levels, players are introduced to unique characters and must learn to use their abilities to solve puzzles, pass obstacles and continue their epic journey.

He goes on to say: “The animal’s skills must be used together in order to solve the game’s puzzles. For example, you might swim Frog through a small tunnel to open a bigger walkway for Elephant, who could then sit on a pressure plate to open a doorway higher up for Firefly. ”

The game is co-developed by Sunrise Productions — creators of the Jungle Beat series — and RetroEpic. Developed over a 16-month period, Sunrise handled project planning, game design, UI design and sound, while RetroEpic contributed with development and asset creation.

The games is priced at R39.99 with no hidden add-ons or fees. According to Keller, Sunrise Productions took parents’ comments to heart about pricing:

Parents told us that they dislike in-app purchases, and we agree with them. There’s no in-app purchases in Jungle Beat. We believe we can make a high-quality game and sell it for a fair price.

The TV show of the same name is broadcast in 180 different countries and on 40 different airlines. The characters grunt and make sounds, but never speak. Every action, emotion, and plot-point is conveyed through the physical actions of each animal. This not only makes the series an easy sell overseas, but a TV show easily watched and understood regardless of language or barrier.

“The global popularity of the show has inspired us to create a game featuring the beloved Jungle Beat animals,” says Keller.

Jungle Beat is currently available on iOS and Android.



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