10 iPhone 6S features to get excited about

Now that we are certain about Apple’s 9 September press event in San Francisco, a lot of speculation is being put to rest about the name and release of the new handsets.

Last year when Apple launched the iPhone 6, despite the fact that the price was high, it was a sales phenomenon, selling over 74-million in the first four months of 2015. This helped iPhone 6 to become the best selling smartphone of the year

However, this time around as per most of the rumours and early leaks, the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus phablet are billed to build upon the success of the iPhone models that precede them.

With that in mind, here are ten of the most expected features.

Force Touch

This technology has been used in the newer MacBooks‘ touchpads. It distinguishes a tap from a hard press when the user navigates the touchpad. It could be ported to the iPhone 6S by transplanting the sensor.

The sensor is able to detect the extra pressure that is applied under the screen and responds differently when compared to a simple tap. The home screen may open when there is a tap on the app icon. However, to open the sub-menu, it would be necessary to force touch the relevant icon.

MacBook gold

There have been rumours that this new technology will enable users to set directions in the Maps with use of these next generation iPads.

A body made from higher grade aluminium

If the reports are to be believed, the new iPhone 6S will be not be as thin as earlier iPhones. The next iPhone will be sturdier and thicker than its outgoing counterpart, thanks to the new 7000-grade aluminium used.

This grade of metal was used in the Apple Watch Sport and according to the company, this new alloy is more durable and extremely light. It’s 60% stronger than other grades of aluminium while a third less dense than stainless steel.

Sturdier, prettier screens

Improved screens may be introduced by Apple with the new iPhone 6S. The iPhone 6 was rumoured to get a Sapphire Glass coating which is rated as almost completely scratch-resistant. However, the company that produced this glass shut down due to bankruptcy.

As far as resolution goes, we could see Apple shove a few more pixels into the iPhone 6S Plus. We might not see a 2K screen, but the smaller iPhone 6S could be bumped up to 1920×1080 — the current smartphone screen benchmark.

A new dual-lens camera

Apple has always maintained that the cameras are the most important features on the iPhone. It’s suggested that the new iPhone 6S could be equipped with a dual-lens 12MP rear-facing camera.


The current iPhone 6 camera boasts an 8MP camera sensor, but the new primary camera is expected to record 4K video quality giving it a massive imaging jump for photographers and mobile movie makers.

New SIM card technology

The SIM card technology also gets an update from its current standard. Network operators may not approve of the new technology, as they present a threat to their operations, but the new built-in SIM cards will enable users to switch between the data plans provided by rivals short-term.

Faster, more efficient processors

The next Apple iPhone 6S is expected to be powered by the new Samsung-made Apple A9 chipset. The chip might use the 14nm manufacturing process, but there’s no concrete information as yet. If true though, power consumption will see a drop even as the performance is improved.

Longer battery life

With the introduction of the new processor, the battery life of the iPhone should also improve. Apple will introduce new components and optimize the iOS 9 with a new power mode that is low.

ios 8

There are rumours suggesting that Apple will shrink the batteries on both models, but this might mean that the components are more efficient.

More RAM

Along with the Apple A9 chipset, the new iPhone 6S may feature 1.5GB or even 2GB of RAM. The current iPhone 6 only features 1GB of RAM, so buyers will delight if the RAM figure’s doubled.

Improved call quality

Apple may also add another microphone to enhance the voice quality of the new iPhone 6S, which will be particularly important for those who actually place calls with their smartphone.

More colour options

Finally, the iPhone 6S could arrive with three additional colour options. One of these could be a rose gold option, or the colour option made famous by the Apple Watch.

iphone 6s expected features

We can’t comment on the price or international availability of the smartphones yet, but sources suggests that they’ll begin shipping later this month, around 25 September. But, all will be revealed this week.

Stay tuned to Gearburn for up to the minute iPhone and Apple news as it happens.

Feature image: Anton Porsche via Flickr

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