Acer Aspire R14 is the latest Windows 10 convertible

Microsoft’s big Windows 10 device launch last week has begun something of a mad pre-holiday rush for PC makers, with HP’s launch late last week, and plenty more companies to display their wares this month.

The next company to follow suit is Acer, and today it unveiled two new devices: the ultraportable convertible laptop, the Aspire R14, and an all-in-one dubbed the Aspire Z3-700.

The Aspire R14 has been used previously with Windows 8.1, but the company’s new version is specifically optimised to take advantage of Windows 10‘s new technology, including the likes of Continuum and Cortana. The former also helps when turning the Aspire R14 into a 14-inch tablet or screen-touch only device, allowing Windows 10 to dart between a full laptop OS and a tablet OS on the fly.

It’s arguably a bit heavier than the likes of the Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro and the Microsoft Surface Book, but it should hold its own in terms of raw speed. Users get an Intel Skylake CPU, up to 8GB of RAM and storage thanks to an SSD drive.

While we have no idea whether or not this device will arrive in South Africa, the Acer Aspire R14 will retail for US$699 in the States, and €799 for Eurozone buyers.

If ultraportables aren’t quite your thing, Acer has announced a new all-in-one-cum-tablet dubbed the Aspire Z3-700.

It’s probably one of the most innovative machines we’ve seen from Acer. Standing at 17.3-inches from corner to corner, with a 15mm thick profile, it weighs just 2kg, which means it could be the most portable large PC we’ve seen this year.

It doesn’t skimp on processing power either, featuring a range of Intel Skylake CPUs, an 8GB wad of RAM and a full HD screen. Nicely, it also boasts a built-in battery, which Acer claims will last for five hours.

It will retail for €599 later this year. There’s currently no pricing or availability information for the US or South Africa.

Andy Walker, former editor


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