Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront and GTA V: the TGIF Video Roundup

Welcome to the TGIF Video Roundup, a weekly series where we explore, highlight and poke fun at some of the videos, trailers and clips that have made the internet a fun place to be this week. If you missed our last roundup, catch it below.

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It would be more than an understatement to say that we have neglected the TGIF Video Roundup in recent months, because we’ve practically forgotten about it, laid it to rest and planted a sunflower on it. But that’s about to change.

And we kick things off, once again,

How’s this for a Darth Vader trick shot?

We could quite easily compile a list of greatest fails from the recent Star Wars: Battlefront beta, but we stumbled across this instead. The hilarious Muselk with a wonderful Australian accent, while playing as Darth Vader, brought down a Snow Speeder by simply tossing his light sabre at it.

No, seriously.

Furi is “one long boss fight” with electric, eclectic animation

Here’s an interesting new indie title coming to PlayStation 4. Created by Emeric Thoa from The Game Bakers, the title sits on an interesting premise:

Furi is a game where you fight for a reason. It’s a game that teases you before the fight, while you walk toward your fate, the same way you would be pumped up and stressed before a boxing match. As you do, you’ll start to piece together about why you’re here and what you’re fighting for.

Sound good? Have a look at the first trailer below.

Stephen Colbert gets all classically Zelda in The Late Show

So, it’s safe to say that Link is the smuggest of all gaming heroes, except perhaps for Geralt. Nevertheless, The Witcher series doesn’t benefit from an entire orchestra named in its honour.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is a bunch of talented men and women who perform live tracks from The Legend of Zelda franchise and nail it, every, single, time.

Have a listen to their latest brilliant performance below.

GTA V makes escaping an airport in a tank Evel Knievel-style highly probable

Don’t get any ideas from this video. Although tanks can fly (in cargo planes, of course), they aren’t exactly the best motocross equipment out there. But no one told Blacksmoke Billy.

The YouTuber thought it would be fun to flip a tank Evel Knievel style, shoot a helicopter using the turret upside down, and then land all trotters on the deck on the other side.

And you thought that Darth Vader kill shot earlier was impossible.

Beautiful hype: Fallout 4’s live action trailer is classically corny

Bethesda really doesn’t need to hype one of the most eagerly anticipated titles ever, but it will. And it will ride that Fallout 4 Power Armor all the way to Boston.

At least that’s apparent in the game’s latest live action trailer (nope, this isn’t the game’s fine graphics level, folks).

Even if it does wear a typically optimistic Fallout face, the game definitely needs to pull up its socks when its released come 10 November, otherwise, there’ll be a horde of angry fans outside Bethesda’s door.

How hyped are you for Fallout 4? Have you seen any other hilarious Star Wars: Battlefront gaffes? And have you managed to, perhaps, jump a train across a ravine in GTA V yet? Let us know all this and more in the comments section below.



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