Microsoft HoloLens introduces ‘mixed reality’ gaming, dev kit available from Q1 2016

Microsoft gave everyone a glimpse into the fun lives of HoloLens developers when the company announced showcased its mixed reality gaming technology.

That’s right, gone are the terms augmented reality and virtual reality.

Microsoft also demoed its latest gaming VR attempt, called Project XRay.

It’s a game that can be played in any room which in turn turns each room into a specific level. It’s a novel idea, and is probably the best way to utilise virtual reality in gaming at the present.

What’s more, the HoloLens allows players to use “wearable holograms” within it too. Essentially, this means picking up and holding virtual weapons like plasma cannons, to guns, to kittens than shoot lazers, we imagine.

The game lets players battle robots too, and what we can only imagine are other nasties, but the demo itself looks incredibly gimmicky.

Terry Myerson also announced that from today HoloLens Development Kit will be available for, cough, US$3000. It will be available from the first quarter of 2016.

Updates to follow…

Andy Walker, former editor


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