Erroneous reporting leads to PlayStation 4’s implication in Paris attacks

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This week, after the Paris attacks on 13 November, reports suggested that the attackers used the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Network communication backend to coordinate the attacks. But this wasn’t altogether concrete information.

A new report from Kotaku now suggests that the original Forbes article was citing a three-day old interview with a Belgian official as current information.

In the interview with Belgian federal home affairs minister Jan Jambon noted that “the PS4 is used by ISIS agents to communicate, and was selected due to the fact that it’s notoriously hard to monitor,” the Forbes piece quotes.

However, it seems that there was no actual public mention of a PlayStation 4 found in the raids conducted in Paris.

“I misread the minister’s statement,” article writer Paul Tassi told Kotaku, “because even though he was specifically saying that PS4 was being used by ISIS to communicate, there is no public list of evidence list of what was found in the specific recent raids.

“I’ve edited the post to reflect that, and it was more meant to be about discussing why or how groups like ISIS can use consoles. It’s my fault, as I misinterpreted his statement.”

The article originally published on Forbes has now been amended.



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