PlayStation 4 outsells Xbox One on Black Friday according to report

According to marketing firm InfoScout, Sony’s PlayStation 4 benefited from the Black Friday sales rush, at the expense of both Nintendo‘s Wii U and Microsoft‘s Xbox One in the States.

The firm sampled a group of “2364 people who purchased video game products in October 2015,” InfoScout noted on its blog.

“We then contrasted their purchases to those of 1,020 Americans who purchased a video game, console or accessory during the 2015 Black Friday promotion period.”

And what were the results? Well, rather telling.

BlackFriday2015 infoscout gaming consoles

Image via InfoScout

It’s clear that the PlayStation 4 had the upper hand this Black Friday, but more interestingly was the Xbox One’s (37%) middle-age comeback, outselling the likes of the Wii U (30%) and PlayStation 4 (33%).

But what’s the real reason behind these results? InfoScout postulates:

Millennials are notoriously fickle, and Sony clearly took advantage at Microsoft’s expense.  By contrast, Middle Aged video game buyers’ preferences only changed slightly (away from Nintendo) during the Black Friday shopping spree, with Xbox capturing a slightly higher share of those gamers’ wallets than PlayStation.

It should be noted that InfoScout acquires data from those users using its app, so it’s not a complete open representation of the Black Friday console purchases worldwide, but it does make for an interesting discussion point.

And on that note, which console do you think won Black Friday? And with that said, which console did you purchase (if you didn’t buy PC components instead)? Let us know in the comments section below.

Feature image: Mark Farrell via Flickr



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