Mario Kart 8 toys now included with SA Happy Meals

I’ve not ashamed to admit I watch out for McDonalds Happy Meal toys from the yellow and red restaurant. In previous years, we were given SEGA LCD games, featuring Sonic and friends play sports, which were great fun to collect. Now, the these kiddies meals will be including characters in go-carts from the popular Nintendo series, Mario Kart.

These new toys include Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, and Toad, but, unfortunately, no Princess Peach or Bowser. Of course, there is a chance you’ll receive one of the ‘lame,’ or less interesting toys, which consist of boats. Kids want Nintendo icons, not generic boats with names like, “racer car.”

According to the McDonalds website, the Mario toy will be available from 1 – 14 January, Luigi and Donkey Kong from 15 – 21 January, with Toad rounding off the collection from 22 – 28 January.

Of course, stock will always be limited and you’re never guaranteed the great toys. If you’ve got kids then it’s a great excuse to swing by your local drive-through tonight.

As a grown man nearing the age of 30, I may just be purchasing a few Happy Meals for myself this evening.



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