15 glamour shots of AG Mobile and Cassper Nyovest’s AG#HASHTAG [Gallery]

After receiving the disappointing Ghost last year, we were hoping that AG Mobile could address the issues inherent in its then flagship. The AG#HASHTAG, for all intents and purposes, is the rebuffed Ghost in many ways, but carries a few new distinguishing features.

For one, it’s probably the reddest phone we’ve ever had at Gearburn. It’s not all candy though. There’s an interesting contrast of glossy, metallic rouges on the phone’s rim, with a bright stop-sign red on the back. It’s quite fetching.

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The phone is also designed in part by SA musician Cassper Nyovest. As AG Mobile notes, Nyovest didn’t just have a hand in marketing, but played an integral role in choosing the device’s specs and pinpoints. You can read more about that here.

For the most part though, if you fancy having a look at what Nyovest and AG Mobile have created, have a gander through the gallery below.

The AG#HASHTAG in 15 shots
left right

Ag#hashtag 1

We don't really need to mention that the phone's really red, but in case you missed that: it's really red.

Ag#hashtag 2

The AG#HASHTAG is easily the company's most visually attractive phones, even if it does feel like a red AG Ghost.

Ag#hashtag 3

The company's calling the phone "funky red" which definitely suits its persona.

Ag#hashtag 4

That's a 5.5-inch screen. The phone itself is larger than other flagships, like the iPhone 6S Plus and LG G4.

Ag#hashtag 5

There's a 13MP camera at the back, with an LED flash module for low light snapping.

Ag#hashtag 6

The phone's top bezel includes a selfie camera, a front flash, and ambient light sensor on the far right of the call speaker.

Ag#hashtag 7

Curiously, the charging and data port -- using micro USB -- is up top, alongside the headphone jack.

Ag#hashtag 8

Ag#hashtag 9

The phone's rear has a subtle curve, which makes it easy and comfortable to hold.

Ag#hashtag 10

The phone does come with a protective sheet, but we decided it makes for better shots without it.

Ag#hashtag 11

You can see the contrasting red finishes in this shot. It differs in colour and texture.

Ag#hashtag 12

Another view of the phone. It's entirely plastic, we should note, which does make the body feel a little less rigid than most. Still, it's not a total dealbreaker.

Ag#hashtag 13

The phone in relation to editor Andy Walker's hand. It's quite a monster truth be told.

Ag#hashtag 14

It's fairly thin as well, but not to the point where its uncomfortable to hold, or too delicate to pick up.

Ag#hashtag Lead

A look at the camera: and what better subject for this phone than a red chili. The snapper's using Google's rubbish camera app, but the camera itself isn't the best we've used at this price point.



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