The latest Windows 10 Mobile update is a meaty one

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Windows 10 Mobile is a step up from Windows Phone 8.1 in a few ways, but it could definitely do with more features and polish.

Microsoft’s latest update shows that the platform is well on its way though, introducing quite a few additions and tweaks to Windows Insiders.

Notifications get some love

windows 10 mobile cortana

The Action Center and notifications are the first items on the list, as Microsoft has decided to group all notifications from one app under one heading instead.

Notifications themselves have also seen some visual changes, with large images now possible in the notification, Microsoft confirmed in a blog post.

Finally, one more neat notification feature is the ability to prioritise notifications for specific apps, using three settings (normal, high and top).

The quick settings toggles can also be rearranged (via a drag and drop gesture or removing them entirely), so if you don’t care for certain actions, this is for you.

What about Cortana?

windows 10 mobile photo reminder

Microsoft’s virtual assistant has also received a few welcome upgrades in the latest Mobile update, starting with notifications.

Cortana can now display alerts about meeting conflicts and reminders in the Action Center, with in-line responses for some of these functions.

There are also two new ways to use Cortana, in the form of Photo Reminders and sharing to Cortana from apps.

The former allows you to take a photo and then use that for a reminder, with Microsoft using an example of a beer that you just tried and want to buy at the store.

The latter lets you share content from universal apps, such as an article you want to read later.

Better lockscreen functionality

windows 10 mobile lockscreen

One feature that long-time Windows Mobile fans will like is the improved lockscreen functions, such as having the media player’s controls above the lockscreen.

Along with the improved media controls come a camera icon on the lockscreen so you can quickly get shooting. Of course, this is aimed more at devices without a dedicated camera key.

What else?

Microsoft’s Continuum for Phones mode is a novel idea, allowing users to dock their phones to an external display and have a PC-like experience.

The latest Continuum update brings some welcome support for ethernet cables via a USB adaptor. However, the function is still a work-in-progress, as evident by a lack of icons to show that you’re connected to ethernet.

Other improvements include updated emojis, the ability to set busy hours on your phone (the phone will install updates outside of these hours) and tweaked battery saving settings.



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