LG replaces mobile executives after low G5 sales – report

LG has replaced several key executives in its mobile division after the G5 (review) failed to meet sales expectations.

The company told the Korea Times that it has created a programme management office (PMO) for its mobile business and replaced several senior executives.

In fact, the electronics firm wasn’t coy about the reason for the shakeup.

“Friday’s announcement is because LG Electronics’ latest flagship G5 smartphone failed to generate sales,” LG told the publication.

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In an interesting move, the company said that the overseas business division will have a bigger role at the mobile unit.

“The smartphone marketplace is expected to be increasingly competitive in 2016 due to anticipated premium models from competitors and further price competition within the mass tier space,” the company explained.

The G5 received mixed reviews following its release earlier this year, as many critics praised the speed and fingerprint scanner but slammed the build quality and pricey hardware add-ons.

In our G5 review, Andy noted that the G5’s wide angle 8MP camera was better off as a peripheral, adding that the module concept itself felt half-baked.

Still, between the excellent G4 and V10, it’s clear that LG knows how to make an excellent smartphone. So let’s hope that the company looks to these handsets for inspiration instead.



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