Pokemon Go’s popularity shows first signs of decline

pokemon go

Just as the world reaches peak hype for No Man’s Sky, Niantic’s Pokemon Go is discovering that life on the top of the mobile gaming charts doesn’t last long for some.

According to Axiom Capital Management in a Bloomberg report, Pokemon Go‘s user base is currently experiencing a dramatic drop. Peaking at around 45-million active daily users worldwide in mid-July 2016, the game lost nearly 15-million active users in a month ending 17 August.

Google Search data tends to corroborate these dropping figures, with search term “Pokemon” seeing a fairly steep drop after its momentous rise in July 2016.

But that’s not all. App analytics company AppAnnie also suggests that Pokemon Go‘s iOS version fell from the US’s most popular app on 10 August 2016, to 16th most popular 12 days later.

Pokemon Go is showing a decline in popularity on app charts and active users in the US and worldwide

No one’s particularly sure why the game — that took the world by storm just a few weeks ago — is experiencing a sudden drop in popularity. But the impact Pokemon Go‘s slowing growth may have on the augmented reality app industry may be the most important side note.

“The declining trends should assuage investor concerns about the impact of Pokémon Go on time spent on the above named companies,” suggests Axiom’s Victor Anthony, speaking to Bloomberg.

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