Jade Empire and That Dragon, Cancer: this week’s top mobile games

That Dragon Cancer mobile games

Welcome to Gearburn’s Mobile Game Picks of the Week, a weekly series in which Hadlee takes a look at the latest, most entertaining, or time-consuming mobile games on portable screens.

Last week’s mobile gaming roundup was quite the doozy, but this edition isn’t half-bad either, so let’s get on with it.

Our highlights this week include Jade Empire and That Dragon, Cancer. Scroll down for all four picks below.

Jade Empire (R200 – iOS)

One of Bioware’s many great videogames, Jade Empire is essentially Knights of the Old Republic with martial arts.

You’ll need to make a variety of decisions through your 40-odd hour playthrough, while spruced-up visuals are a lovely bonus too.

The game also has a new touch control scheme (obviously), but those with MFi controllers can use their physical input as well.

Invisible Inc (R100 – iOS)

It’s been out on consoles and PC for a while now, but Invisible Inc has finally made its way to mobile devices.

The turn-based stealth title, from the team behind Don’t Starve, has you breaking into corporations to steal their secrets/loot. And yes, the levels are randomly generated, so no two missions are alike.

Invisible Inc hasn’t received an Android release, so Google-toting owners will need to wait a while.

That Dragon, Cancer (R100 – iOS)

Yet another iOS-exclusive game, That Dragon, Cancer might just be the most emotionally draining game you’ll play all year.

The title tells the very real story of a young child’s battle against cancer. The subject of the game is actually the developer’s son, who passed away from cancer at the age of five.

The game is pretty much a point and click experience, so it should run just fine on touchscreens then.

Dan the Man (free – Android, iOS)

Finally, we have one for the Android fans in the form of Dan the Man, from Halfbrick Studios.

A side-scrolling beat ’em up akin to Punch Quest and Streets of Rage, the game also manages to have a rather colourful art style.

It’s not the most innnovative game in the world, and it gets repetitive fast, but beat ’em up fans might want to have a look at it.



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