Mini NES: it’s been hacked to run Linux

Nintendo Classic Mini NES

Those who’ve been keeping up with the Nintendo Mini NES console will know that the system lacks USB ports, microSD card slots or any other traditional form of storage expansion.

But that hasn’t stopped one enterprising Japanese hacker from installing his own Linux kernel on the Famicom Mini – Japan’s version of the Mini NES.

The Mini NES features hardware that has more in common with a cheap, old Android phone than anything else

The Japanese version of the console differs somewhat from the Mini NES, featuring a different design but the same internal hardware. However, the games library also differs from the Mini NES, featuring the likes of River City Ransom, Final Fantasy III and Solomon’s Key.

According to Ars Technica, the hacker used a serial-to-USB cable to boot the console up using U-Boot software, then extracting the requisite files needed to load the Linux kernel.

The hack is apparently very limited at this point, merely being another “well, it can run Linux” moment rather than anything more at this stage. Now if only Nintendo included a microSD card slot or USB port on the device…

On the wall about getting a Mini NES? Then Graham’s review might sway you either way.



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