Which Chromebooks have/will get Android apps?

Chromebook Pixel 3 file

When Google announced that Android apps would be coming to Chromebooks last year, the initial list of supported devices only stood at three. But the firm has since confirmed that all Chromebooks released in 2017 would be running Android apps.

Then again, the real question is which older models are supported…

Now, Google has quietly announced details on its Chromium blog (via Ars Technica), revealing an exhaustive list of Chromebooks/ChromeOS devices that have or will be getting Android app/Play Store compatibility.

Google Chromebooks are cheaper and arguably less resource-intensive than PCs, with Android app compatibility making it stand out as well

“While we won’t be able to bring Android apps to every Chromebook ever made, we’re continuing to evaluate more devices based on a range of factors, like processor type, GPU, and drivers. We’ll update this list as new devices are added,” the Mountain View firm explained.

Is your device missing from the list? Well, Google says that they’ll still be issuing updates for it.

“Even if your Chromebook isn’t on this list, it will continue to get other new features and improvements.”

Check out the full list below…




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