Nintendo Switch: 6 new features we want via firmware updates

There’s no doubting that the Nintendo Switch makes for an intriguing proposition, thanks to its hybrid nature.

As with many gadgets these days, firmware updates are able to bring new features over its lifetime. But what should firmware updates deliver to the Nintendo Switch?

Download while sleeping

If there’s one fantastic thing about the Switch software, it’s the sleep mode, being very frugal in the power department. So it’s no surprise that the reason for this is because Nintendo kills almost all connectivity to achieve this goal.

Downloads aren’t spared either, and the Nintendo Switch lacks a toggle to allow downloads to finish. At the very least, Nintendo should allow downloads while charging/docking the sleeping console.

Some apps

There’s an argument that most people who buy a Nintendo Switch will already have a smartphone capable of browsing the web, watching YouTube and more. But what if your phone is dead? Or you just want a bigger screen? Or you want a break from Zelda?

A web browser on a videogame console is a no-brainer these days, as are a few media apps (be it a local media player and/or Netflix and YouTube), which makes Nintendo’s decision to omit them seem even more perplexing.

External hard drive support

The Nintendo Switch possesses a microSD slot, allowing you to add more storage. But let’s face it, microSD cards won’t cut it if you plan to have dozens of games, especially when 128GB cards cost over R800.

To that end, Nintendo should pull a Wii U and implement support for external hard drives. Even if the support is only via the Switch dock, it would alleviate storage issues. And with one game already filling out the Switch’s internal storage, you just know you’ll need a drive.

A comprehensive Virtual Console service

This is the most complex wish on the list, one could argue, but Nintendo’s Virtual Console is a solid service on Wii U and other older Nintendo consoles.

Now, about bringing the service to the Switch… We would love to see NES, SNES, N64, GameCube and other retro games come to the new console. And while Nintendo is indeed working on the VC initiative, how about an Xbox Game Pass-style subscription?

Save data transfers/cloud backups

Having your Sony or Microsoft console stolen doesn’t mean you have to start from zero. The great thing is that if you get another console, all your games will be accessible. And another cool touch is that your saved games will be sucked in from the cloud.

Although Nintendo has finally implemented a cloud-based account system for game ownership, your save games are still tied to the system unfortunately. Here’s hoping Nintendo includes cloud saves in a future firmware update.

Activity log functionality

Both the Wii and 3DS had an activity log, doing a great job of breaking down your time spent on various games as well as steps walked (for 3DS).

The latter might not be as important for the Switch, given its hybrid trappings, but the game-based breakdown would’ve been a tiny but welcome feature for Nintendo’s console. Here’s hoping we see it soon.

Anything else you’d like to see added to the Switch in the form of a firmware update? Let us know in the comments!



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