Nintendo Switch: what issues are people experiencing?

The Nintendo Switch has clearly enjoyed plenty of success in its first few days on the market, as reports emerge that European and US opening sales have broken records.

Still, gamers are finding that records aren’t the only things being broken, as people report several issues…

Scratches due to the dock

Users on reddit and elsewhere are finding scratches on their screen if they don’t dock it absolutely perfectly.

The culprit seems to be one of the braces in the Switch dock itself, forcing some users to come up with DIY solutions in order to better protect the screen.

The infamous connectivity issue with the left JoyCon

Nintendo’s JoyCon controllers are tiny yet versatile pieces of equipment, but scores of reviewers and users have noted connectivity issues.

The issue specifically affects the left JoyCon, with users finding that the controller drops its connection to the console (mainly when in the controller grip). The issue also seems to be exacerbated by the controller’s distance to the console.

A YouTuber has posted a video tutorial on fixing the left JoyCon, but unless you want to avoid your warranty, we’d recommend staying away for now.

Dodgy pixels

The LCD technology used in the Nintendo Switch has been around for years now, in the form of a rather pleasant 6.2-inch 720p display. After all, who needs a 4K HDR screen when the Switch display is easy on the eyes anyway?

Well, some people are finding that it isn’t always easy on the eyes, owing to claims of stuck or dead pixels on the display. Nintendo has since said that this is normal, with Ars Technica clarifying the situation — it’s worth a read.

Poor WiFi

Another issue reported by users (including this author) is poor WiFi connectivity on the Switch, resulting in extremely slow downloads and issues logging in.

Users on reddit and elsewhere have reported dodgy connectivity in areas where other machines and consoles have a solid connection. Nintendo’s support page does offer general solutions for connectivity woes, such as rebooting the console, setting up a new connection, moving metal objects and gadgets away from the Switch and moving it closer to the router.



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