Galaxy S8 Bixby button can indeed be remapped [Update: Samsung blocks move?]

Samsung Galaxy S8, Bixby

Update: Samsung has issued an update for the Galaxy S8, apparently killing the ability to remap the Bixby button via a third-party app, XDA reported.

A Samsung representative claimed on Twitter that the app was “exploiting a system-level behaviour”.

Original: There’s a lot to like about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, building on the excellent foundation set by last year’s flagships. Aside from the weirdly placed fingerprint scanner, the other possible annoyance is the Bixby button.

Yes, Samsung has included a dedicated button for its virtual assistant, allowing users to call it up at any time. There isn’t a native way to actually remap the button though, for those wanting a Google Now button or camera key instead.

Fortunately, that’s where third-party apps come in, as YouTuber Dylan Bertwell shows.

“I found a third party app that will make the Bixby button change its function and do what ever (sic) you want it to do. In this video I’m showing the Bixby button opening Google Now instead of Bixby,” reads the video description.

Bertwell adds that you can choose “any app or action” for the Bixby button. So if you want a camera shortcut key or a WhatsApp button, it’s entirely possible.

As for the app in question? It’s called All in one Gestures and is available for free from the Play Store.



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