PS4 firmware 5.0 to bring 1080p/60fps streaming and more

A PS4 controller

Sony has confirmed that firmware 5.0 is coming for the PS4 and PS4 Pro, but what does the new system update actually do?

Fortunately, Eurogamer has obtained the release details, and the headline feature might just be the ability for PS4 Pro users to stream over Twitch at 1080p/60fps. Of course, you’ll need a relatively decent internet connection to do this.

Another noteworthy feature is an overhaul of the sub/master account system, with multiple adult accounts in a family and parental controls on a per-account basis (e.g. if you have several children using their own sub-accounts via your account).

The last big feature is probably the reworked following system. Now, instead of only being able to follow verified accounts on PSN, users are able to follow any account they like.

The publication adds that the Quick Menu will become a little more useful, with system notifications and upload/download progress available to view from here (i.e. no need to go to homescreen).

There’s been no word on the release date, but the publication says it’ll be available in the “near future” (obviously).



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