Exclusive: Huawei Mate 10 could have ‘DeX-like feature’

Huawei Mate 10,Mate 10

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 offers a rather handy feature in the form of DeX, enabling the phone to deliver a PC-like experience via an external screen. Now, it would appear that Huawei’s Mate 10 could have a similar capability.

MirAxess CEO Yanis Anteur told Gearburn that Huawei’s new devices, set for 16 October, will tout PC-style functionality. The executive was speaking to us regarding their crowdfunded lapdock, the Mirabook.

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“For now on we recommend to use the Mirabook with the Galaxy S8 for DeX and Windows Phones for Continuum. I also have a secret news for you (sic), the new Huawei  smartphones announced on 16 October will have a DeX like feature and should be compatible with the Mirabook.”

The Mirabook lets users plug their phones into it, with the handset powering the entire laptop experience and providing the desktop environment.

The Huawei Mate 10 might take on Samsung and Microsoft with its desktop functionality

What about a response from the Chinese tech colossus, then?

“At this stage we cannot comment on the that specific spec (sic), all we can say is stay tuned to 16 October for our global reveal,” a local representative told Gearburn.

The news also comes after we reported that the Mate 10 will be water-resistant, citing official sources.

Featured image: Huawei Germany teaser video



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