A ton of Chromebooks now support Android apps [List]


Google has been pushing Chromebooks in the last year or so, bringing Android app support to the platform via the Google Play Store.

Buying a Chromebook with Android app support wasn’t easy though, as the functionality took its sweet time to arrive on various laptops.

But since our last look at compatible Chromebooks, the list has grown in a very big way. So who has stepped up to deliver?

We see stable entries from: Acer (R13, 11 N7, C771, C771T, 14, 14 for Work, CB3-532, CB515-1HT), Asus (C101PA, C202SA, C300SA/C301SA, C302), CTL (NL61, J2/J4), Dell (3180, 3380, 3189), eduGear (K Series, M Series), Edxis (Education Chromebook), Google (the Pixelbook, obviously), Haier (Chromebook 11e), Hisense (Chromebook 11), HP (G5, G5 EE, G1), Lenovo (11e Chromebook 3rd gen, 11e Yoga Chromebook 3rd gen, Flex 11, N23, N23 Yoga, N22, N42, Thinkpad 13), Medion (S2015), Mercer (NL6D), NComputing (CX100), Nexian (Chromebook 11.6), PCMerge (PCM-116E), Prowise (Chromebook Entryline), Poin2 (Chromebook 11, 14), Positivo (CH1190), Samsung (Chromebook 3), Sector 5 (E1 Rugged) and Viglen (Chromebook 11).

Two laptops have also received beta support for Android apps, in the form of the Acer Chromebook 11 C740 and Dell Chromebook 13 7310.

Check out the full compatibility list below.




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